Health Maintenance

Health maintenance is an important part of Columbus Chiropractic Care Center’s practice. You not only want to get healthy and pain free, but you want to remain that way. You can count on us to help develop a personalized plan to help keep you healthy and as pain free as possible!

Healthy and active is the best!
When it comes to our patients, we love to see all of you healthy, active, and happy because you’re pain free. When you come to Columbus Chiropractic Care Center you’ll find us dedicated to getting you there, too!

The big picture
From finding out the causes of your chronic pain and helping you correct them, to spinal adjustments and lifestyle changes, we’re here to help you get the healthy and pain free life you’re striving for!

Health maintenance is an important part of chiropractic practices!

  • Weekly or Bi-Monthly Corrections
  • Good Spine Maintenance
  • Good Neck Maintenance
  • Long Term Health
  • Lifestyle Changes
  • Diagnosing root causes of pain and treating accordingly

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