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Acute Pain

Dr. Susan Rupp

Dr. Rupp is an experienced chiropractor that is ready to assist you with all your chiropractic needs.

Acute Pain

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We are here to provide excellent chiropractic care to get you up and moving again!

Acute Pain

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Welcome To Our Care Center

When you’re in pain and in need of a correction, change course for Columbus Chiropractic Care Center and get pain free again!

Whether you’re looking for treatment for acute pain, chronic pain, or just a checkup – you’ll find us ready to serve you and meet your personal needs.

All levels of chiropractic treatment
You can come to us for effective chiropractic treatments of acute pain, chronic pain, or even health maintenance.
You’ll find not only are we dedicated to offering the best in chiropractic treatments, but we do what we can to find the main causes of your pain and help eliminate them!

Patients of all ages welcome
From the elderly to our always active youth and everyone in between – we accept clients of all ages and love to see our clients smiling because they feel better!

New patients can use our coupon for a great first visit deal and we’re always happy to meet new clients. Give us a try!

Our professional chiropractor, Dr. Rupp, can help treat a variety of ailments such as:

  • Acute Pain – Suffering from sudden and sharp back or neck pains? Let us have a look and see if we can straighten out the problem.
  • Chronic Pain – Many people suffering long term chronic pain find relief with consistent chiropractic treatment.
  • Health Maintenance – Feeling fine, but want to make sure you don’t go into pain again? Come on in for health maintenance to stay on the straight and narrow!

When the pain is too much to stand, call 920-623-1106 and get Columbus Chiropractic Care Center on your side to a speedy recovery!

Our Services


Acute Pain
Feeling a sudden sharp pain in your lower back? Have that sharp painful throb from sleeping on your neck wrong? Maybe it’s time to visit Columbus Chiropractic Care Center to get straightened out to a pain free day!


Chronic Pain
Over time many people accept chronic pain as just a way of life. Depending on the ailment, sometimes chiropractic care can greatly reduce the level of pain or make it occur less often. When you’re ready to give another treatment a shot, it’s time to call Columbus Chiropractic Care Center!


Health maintenance is an important part of Columbus Chiropractic Care Center’s practice. You not only want to get healthy and pain free, but you want to remain that way. You can count on us to help develop a personalized plan to help keep you healthy and as pain free as possible!

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